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I’ve been working on my presentation for the COSPUG Lightning talk next week. I’m going to be talking about SharePoint workflow and my codeplex project ( in particular. One of the things I want to talk about is how these solutions will upgrade to SP 2010 and how workflow has changed in SP2010.

Today I happened across these two blog postings from Phil Wicklund at SharePoint Happenings. – Favorite updates in SP2010 workflows. – A listing of new workflow activities and conditions available in SharePoint Designer 2010.


WSS Activities Released on Codeplex

In the spirit of Christmas, I’ve just released a new project on Codeplex. WSS Activities ( contains 17 new activities for your SharePoint Designer workflows.

The code itself has been ready for a while, but I’ve been holding off on the release until I got some documentation done. However, I just got the Codeplex warning (You have 10 days left to publish this project), and I’ve decided that if I wait for the documentation, the project may never get released. There is some documentation on the site and more to follow.

The activities fall into two major groups. :

Site Management Activities

These allow you to manipulate various aspects of a site as well as create new sites. I created a site provisioning workflow for a client and this was every activity I needed that wasn’t provided out of the box. Documentation for each of these, though the activities’ names are probably enough to get you started.

  • Create Site Collection
  • Create SubSite
  • Lookup Site Template ID
  • Set Site Title
  • Set Site Theme
  • Create Site Group
  • Setup Site Group
  • Set Available Templates
  • Activate a Feature
  • Set Site Masterpage
  • Set Portal Link
  • Set Site Property
  • Get Site Property

Item Management Activities

These activities allow you to manipulate specific items or documents within a site collection or across the site collection boundary. Of these, Copy, Delete, and Update are fairly straight forward. It’s “Publish Item and Link to Another Location” that requires some further explanation. This activity creates a remote copy of a source item and puts in place an event handler that keeps the remote copy up to date with the source version. Additional columns are added to the source list and destination list to track the linkage between the two.

  • Publish Item and Link to Another Location
  • Copy Item To Another Location
  • Delete Remote Item
  • Update Remote Copy

SharePoint Workflow White Paper Available

I’ve just released a white paper on the options available for creating SharePoint 2007 workflows.  You can grab a copy from the documents section in this blog.


When it comes to building SharePoint workflow into a site, options are plentiful. Choosing the right option can make a world of difference to your project’s bottom line and your client’s satisfaction. In this paper I’ll go over four “no-code” solutions and three .NET coding options and try to give you some consideration points to help you choose between them.

Who Should Read this Paper:
  • Governance committees when making decisions about what methods of workflow to endorse and support
  • SharePoint Site Owners
  • SharePoint .NET Developers
  • IT Managers wondering what SharePoint Workflow can do for them
  • My wife, my family members, & anyone else wondering what it is I do for a living

Visual Studio 2008 Workflow Problem

If you’re trying to run the workflow samples that come in the MOSS 2007 SDK or the WSS 3. 0 SDK and you’re getting the Project Type Not Supported error. You may just need to install the Visual Studio 2005 extensions for .NET Framework 3.0.

I just spent the better part of a day and a half first trying to troubleshoot this issue, and then trying to just convert the projects manually over to VS 2008.

This piece IS listed in the system requirements for the MOSS SDK (Aug ’08 v1.4), but I glossed right over it. To be fair though I didn’t think it applied to me. I don’t even have VS 2005 installed. I’ve got VS 2008 SP1 and the .NET 3.5 SP1 framework installed.